Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week 35- XLR8 The Passionate Leader

Edward Kennedy died this week. Not withstanding your politics, he helped us all in ways we probably don’t even realize or in some cases appreciate. Of the many things I read and saw about him this week, I identified most with his letter to the Pope. He spoke of his many imperfections and his attempts to leave the world a better place - despite his mistakes and shortcomings. He asked the Pope for his prayers and forgiveness. I hope he forgave himself because I believe that’s what matters most.

  • Zig Ziglar’s Inspiration: 365 Days A Year
    • My favorite quote for the week of August 31st – September 6th: “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar
      • This quote is one that I saw quite a long time ago that remains one of my favorites. It really speaks to servant leadership. I just took the time to look at my top passions, particularly the one that I’m having a little trouble “getting”.
      • I am rethinking what I have to give - how I can serve more - in order to realize more of this passion. Take a look at your list of “wants”. What is your “giving” opportunity?

  • The Best Year of Your Life: Get Debbie Ford's Kit
    • Week Thirty-Four: Find the Gifts of Your Shadows
      • One of my shadows has been “not being good enough.” One gift is the constant striving to get better. Another gift is helping other people deal with and overcome my old shadow.
    • Week Thirty-Five: Forgive Yourself (If Teddy can do it, so can you)
      • Self-forgiveness is the key to living an extraordinary life. By making a courageous choice to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and shortcomings, we liberate ourselves from the bonds of our past and open the door to a new future.
      • Are you holding on to something that makes you feel unworthy or undeserving of receiving everything life has to offer? Write it down and then tear it up. Think about why you are worthy of your own forgiveness.

  • Creating a Culture of Leadership Development – A Drop for Your Bucket!!! Send an electronic drop or comment by going to the blog (click on this blog’s heading – Wake Up the Passionate Leader above) and click on the “comment” icon at the end of this week’s posting.
    • We have been doing a lot of XLR8 Teams!!! work lately. As you know, I love to show “Simple Truths” DVD’s. I like to start a session with: Change is Good - You Go First and conclude with Finish Strong. Check them out!

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  1. Tom,
    Looking forward to seeing you this evening to begin our Team building exercise at the BBW.

  2. I had what I would call a break-through moment with someone this week that I wanted to share. I offered them the book "The Passion Test" and the worksheets from Leadership Week about a month ago. She admitted that she is not a reader and struggled to get started. What she presented to our group this week was amazing. She introduced the new her and I have not see her this excited and focused in years. She has already asked for another book to continue her learning and before the meeting ended, someone else asked to borrow "The Passion Test." WOW!