Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 16 - XLR8 The Passionate Leader

Since I send this so you can start your week with inspiration, I thought you would enjoy the Every Monday Matters video from Simple Truths. Take three minutes to start your week thinking about this week’s theme - serving others - and send it to someone who you would like to inspire this Monday.

  • Zig Ziglar’s Inspiration: 365 Days A Year
    • My favorite quote for the week of April 20th – April 26th: “The message is clear: Plan with attitude, prepare with aptitude, participate with servitude, receive with gratitude, and this should separate you from the multitudes.”
      • When describing Level 5 Leadership in Good to Great, Jim Collins described several great leaders. They had all made the transformation from being focused on self interest to serving the common good. The combination of professional will and humility made them the type of leaders who people wanted to follow - not had to follow.

  • The Best Year of Your Life: Get Debbie Ford's Kit
    • Week Fifteen Assignment – Put it on Paper!
      • Your unique ability is a description of how you serve the world – given by those who love and care about you. Now that you have captured some data, we can examine how you can better serve the world by spending more time practicing your unique ability.
    • Week Sixteen Assignment – Say NO!
      • This week, complete the “Focusing your Unique Ability” exercise. Take last weeks’ data and list the top ten activities you performed and the % of the total time you were able to devote to practicing your unique ability. Draw a big circle on a blank piece of paper and list all those activities inside the circle.
      • During the week, write down those activities you perform regularly that fall outside of those top 10 Unique Ability activities. How do you Say NO?! Can you stop doing them, delegate them, or shorten the time you must spend on them. This is the only way you will get more time to practice your Unique Ability. How much better would your productivity be if you spent 10% more time practicing your Unique Ability? How about 20%?

  • Creating a Culture of Leadership Development – A Drop for Your Bucket!!! Send an electronic drop or comment by going to the blog and clicking on the “comment” icon at the end of this week’s posting.
    • We received a note from one of the Zone Coordinators we have just started working with. She had her first monthly team meeting. They planned next month’s menu together. They shared data and gave each other ideas about simplification and shared stories about their successes and challenges. Lastly, the leader handed out the “Bucket Filling Interview Guide” to be completed and discussed next time. All she could say was . . . WOW!! We say . . . the BLNDBKR strikes again!!!

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