Monday, February 1, 2010

XLR8 The Passionate Leader

Weekly Inspiration: You Can Do It! (click) Affirmation by Louise Hay from her 2010 calendar:

· “I am in touch with my inner guides, who help me at every turn.” The last four weeks, I have stated my passions and how I plan to outwardly realize them this year. Our passions are our most primal, inborn motivators to become fully expressed and inspired to fulfill our soul’s mission on earth.

· I spoke with Wayne Dyer this week at his premier of “Wishes Fulfilled” at a local theater here on Maui (It is being repeated on Feb 4th – check your local theaters.). I gave him a copy of: Wake-Up Live the Life You Love – Empowered, that he also co-authored and asked him to autograph one for me. I’m hoping he reads my chapter, since his teachings are such an important part of my inner guidance system.

A Life on Fire – Living Your Life With Passion, Balance and Abundance

I recently downloaded the above-titled book. You can, too @ Free Passion Test Book/CD (click). For our clients who have their passion cards or have given them the 2010 update as I have, here’s what I’d like you to do:

  1. Label them as “I” for an inner passion and “O” for outer passion
  2. Score on a basis of 1 – 10
  3. Pick one inner and one outer passion to put your primary focus on
  4. Include aspects of them on your happiness list; update your vision board

XLR8 The Passionate Leader: The New Formula for Business – G + L + F = JOY!!! (This is the last excerpt from Chapter 1 - XLR8 YOU!!!)

Our Vision – For all of us to awaken to the magnificence of our limitless possibilities

Like most things in this book, I didn’t invent XLR8. My oldest sister’s stepson, Kirk, had a band in the 70’s named XLR8. I always thought it was a cleaver name - one that would be remembered once your heard it - and did the three times fast exercise to interpret it.

I was visiting my sister in Philadelphia right before I decided to leave my real job and continue to follow my purpose somewhere in late 1995. Since I visit infrequently, she often invites my nieces and nephews to dinner to keep the family connected. I really appreciate that she does that and they take time to come. It makes me feel special!

Kirk was there and as I talked about my intention, I mentioned that I needed a name for my company. When I looked at Kirk, I knew that XLR8 was it. I asked him if it would be okay with him to use the name and, of course, he was pleased with my choice. So “XLR8!!! Teamwork” was born - changed later on to “The XLR8 Team, Inc.”

What makes the connection to Kirk special was that he was experiencing his own transformation at the time. Unfortunately, it was cut short by sinus cancer. The treatment deformed his face, but his spirit soared. He used it in service of his church as a counselor. When we went to his service, the church was filled with over 500 people speaking of a man that made a huge impact in his 40 short years. Thanks, Kirk!!!

So XLR8 was imagined. Coaching wasn’t all that well known or accepted at the time. However, I thought the connection between hiring a coach to help you get where you want to go and XLR8!!!...was a memorable one.

Next chapter: Why Is Change So Difficult? Can it be more effortless … In Search of Adventure?