Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 33 - XLR8 The Passionate Leader

One of the most important things we can do is to break the negative cycles in our lives. I love the Adirondacks and wanted to take a couple of days off. I was prepared to go alone, since Elaine had appointments, but my son Andrew volunteered to come. That would have never happened with my father for many negative reasons. More importantly, that will happen with Andrew’s children.

  • Zig Ziglar’s Inspiration: 365 Days A Year
    • My favorite quote for the week of August 17th – 23rd: What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar
      • When people complete their top five passions during Leadership Week, a key observation is how they will leave the world a better place. Leadership is not about self interest but rather what we can do for the common good.

  • The Best Year of Your Life: Get Debbie Ford's Kit
    • Week Thirty-Two: Admit You’re Wrong
      • How many times this week did you ask yourself what’s more important - being right or being happy?!
    • Week Thirty-Three: Give Up the Blame Game
      • As long as we blame others for any circumstances in our lives, we diminish our power to learn and make changes. Blaming sets us up for victim-consciousness, which has become the disease of our time.
      • This week, take an honest look at where in your life you may be blaming others for your circumstances. Next, allow yourself to see what you could learn and create if you became 100 percent responsible for 100 percent of what shows up in your life.

  • Creating a Culture of Leadership Development – A Drop for Your Bucket!!! Send an electronic drop or comment by going to the blog (click on this blog’s heading – Wake Up the Passionate Leader above) and click on the “comment” icon at the end of this week’s posting.
    • We conducted a day-long planning retreat for a small 70-person organization this week. The current President, only two years into the job, is trying to break down the hierarchical, arrogant leadership style of his predecessors. They tried a similar meeting last year that did not go as well as they hoped to say the least. The President stuck to his guns and tried again this year with a new facilitator. Thanks to his continued commitment to participative management over the course of the year, the day exceeded their expectations.
    • While they were very complimentary about how we conducted the day, the learning is that building an empowered culture takes time. Moreover, the ideas generated and the enthusiasm for them will make all the difference.

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