Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 50 - Wake Up The Passionate Leader

A colleague of mine, Suzie Price, of Priceless Professional Development (click) has a great tag line: Wake Up Eager”. I endorsed a Small Business Survey software program she introduced me to. She asked me some questions to go on her website. My favorite question was: what things do you personally do to stay energized, focused and interested in your work?” First and foremost, I have a daily happiness list I review which keeps me connected to my passions and markers (what I want to bring more fully into my life). Physical activity and spiritual practices are also daily habits.

How would you answer that question? What do you do to Wake Up Eager?!!!

Zig Ziglar’s Inspiration: 365 Days a Year

  • My favorite quote for the week of December 13th – 19th: “Unless you try to do something beyond what you already mastered, you will never grow.” Ronald E. Osborn
    • About a dozen people contacted me for their link to take the FREE DNA self-assessment. They get an A+!!! Contact me this week for yours! Here’s what they are learning:
    • The DNA Talent Report measures your perception of how you are actually doing in 23 work-related competencies. When these are cross-referenced to a particular job strengths profile, you will have a picture of how you think you are performing in the most important competencies for the job. For those you have “Mastered” (M), that’s great. Is there a benefit of continuing to focus your efforts to further developing it? For those you have “Somewhat Mastered” (SWM), which one would be most useful to try to improve right now? If you have competencies in the “Not Yet Mastered” (NYM), then I’d get right on it. We’ll provide you with some development materials to support your efforts.

The Best Year of Your Life: Get Debbie Ford's Kit

  • Week Forty-Nine: Intercepting Self-Sabotage
    • What I discovered with this exercise is that lately I have been focusing on what is not happening. Let’s suppose that it is not happening because it isn’t truly where my passions are leading me. Rather, it is my ego with its “self interest” nature, keeping me from discovering how my “G” (God, Genius, Greatness, Goodness) can best serve the world.
  • Week Fifty: Go Back to Basics
    • Without mastering the basics, you can never move on to the more advanced techniques. How do you create the best year of your life? Take time to go within. What brings you joy (makes you happy) based on the formula G + L + F = Joy. Take time each day to go within.
    • For me, the answer is in my passions, an element of “G”. I added a marker to one of them recently, and within a month, two people showed up. Coincidentally, my massage therapist had a vision as she cupped her hand over my face (wings of an angel). She saw a bull, which she interpreted as a Taurus who would help me along my path. I put a bull on my vision board on Facebook. It just so happens one of the previously-mentioned people is a Taurus. So what would you do? PAY ATTENTION!

Creating a Culture of Leadership Development – A Drop for Your Bucket!!! Send an electronic drop or comment by going to the blog (click on this blog’s heading – Wake Up the Passionate Leader above) and click on the “comment” icon at the end of this week’s posting.

  • One of the most rewarding experiences of being leadership development coaches is delivering credible 360 data to those we serve. As we wind down 2009, there are many of you who have been and/or will be the recipient of such “gifts”. Please treat them as such! As you “unwrap these gifts”, unwrap them fully and with an open mind and heart. Your boss, direct reports and co-workers are trying to support you in taking your leadership development from where it is today to where you aspire to be in the future. Who could ask for a better gift than that?
  • We’ve had the pleasure of delivering several 360’s over the past few weeks. To see each participant embrace their data … “celebrating” improvements and acknowledging “opportunities” … further reassures us that as they graduate, the motivation to reach even greater levels of success is within them. Let your Learning Action Plans guide you into the New Year as you continue to learn and grow. Happy Holidays one and all!