Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 37 - XLR8 The Passionate Leader

As I mentioned last week, my daughter Laura discovered her passion and love for teaching during the June 2002 XLR8 YOU!!! Leadership Excellence kick-off week. When she got clear and focused on her “Soul Purpose”, as my colleague Steve D’Annunzio calls it (Soul Purpose Institute), then the law of creation kicked in. Laura created favorable conditions for reality, in this case a teaching opportunity, to actualize since that is what she really…really…really…really wanted!!!

Although she graduated from Geneseo, she wasn’t in the teaching school, so she had no certifications. She decided she would substitute teach while putting her plan for certification together. She was called in on the second day of school the following September because the regular teacher never showed up. Laura made a real connection with these students. Long story short, Laura taught all her classes for the entire year and she was off and running!

  • Zig Ziglar’s Inspiration: 365 Days A Year
    • My favorite quote for the week of September 14th – September 20th: “Progress involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” Frederick B. Wilcox
      • When we first engage with a new client, we ask them to complete a simple checklist entitled: Are you ready, willing and able to be coached?. Here are the three questions in the “ready” section.
        1. I have the time to invest in myself.
        2. I can make and keep appointments with myself to work on this material.
        3. There is a gap between where I am now and where I want to be.
      • When people cancel appointments repeatedly because they haven’t completed assignments, or we have to chase someone down to make an appointment, we ask them to recommit to these questions. If they can’t, then they are not ready!!! It’s okay ~ when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

  • The Best Year of Your Life: Get Debbie Ford's Kit
    • Week Thirty-Six: Choose Powerful Interpretations
      • If you found an interpretation that builds self-love this week, add it to your Happiness List. (those statements you repeat to yourself daily.).
    • Week Thirty-Seven: Walk in Another’s Shoes
      • When we aren’t being treated with the love, respect or tenderness we desire, we have two basic choices. We can defend our position and try to prove that we’re right, or we can look at ourselves through their eyes.
      • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine that this person is sitting in front of you. Allow yourself to feel what life is like to be in their shoes ~ trying to be in a relationship with you. Does this allow you to be more compassionate or connected with this person?

  • Creating a Culture of Leadership Development – A Drop for Your Bucket!!! Send an electronic drop or comment by going to the blog (click on this blog’s heading – Wake Up the Passionate Leader above) and click on the “comment” icon at the end of this week’s posting.
    • I had a great conversation this week with someone who is about to begin their “graduation” process. We have been working together for 18 months and throughout this time, this individual was always upbeat and happy. That isn’t to say he didn’t have professional and personal challenges. He did, however, say to me that our formula for happiness (G + L + F = JOY) has inspired him to help others understand it, too. He stated that it will stay at the top of his development plan ~ to live it and to teach it.

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