Sunday, May 23, 2010

XLR8 The Passionate Leader: (G + L + F = JOY!!!)

Weekly Inspiration: You Can Do It! (click) Affirmation by Louise Hay from her 2010 calendar:

  • “Life is an exciting surprise. I wake up in the morning looking for positive experiences, and I find them in the most unexpected places.” As I mentioned last time, I just returned from the second symposium of The Soul Purpose Institute presented by Steve D’Annunzio. He is a strong advocate of a “prosperity hour” every morning consisting of exercise and meditation, which he refers to as “spiritual practices”.
  • When he first talked about it about a year ago, I said no way, I don’t have that kind of time. Over the last year, I have gotten up every morning do my abs and arms exercises. I also read over my happiness list now, my XLR8 YOUR POWER statement (Steve calls it “reality statement”) and meditate. It is such an amazing way to start the day. Start small, I did. But, just start!

I am on a mission to learn and teach to lead from love.

This is another statement from my XLR8 YOUR POWER statement. I mention it this week since I had the opportunity to see it in action first hand this week.

A former client of mine recently accepted a new position in a community closer to her family. She isn’t taking the job as much for the relocation, but because it is her next big breakthrough goal.

When I first met her, she was given a promotion to the corporate offices after an extremely successful turn-around operational assignment. One of her new areas of responsibility was leadership development and when I started working with her, I knew she got the love-fear equation. Unfortunately, the culture did not support or recognize that as a strength. Eventually, the fear culture created by top leadership lead to her deciding to see what was next for her.

Most of the 150 people at the going away party this week were there to celebrate the love and inspiration she created over the years. During an almost endless video testimonial presentation, I never heard “love” mentioned more about a leader. After she made some brief comments about how much each of them has taught and inspired her, more people grabbed the microphone to laugh, cry and thank her for all she did and how she loved them all.

The best part of this story is yet to come. She accepted a position where she is the top leader, able to create a culture that she is dreaming of and believes in with all her heart. No one deserves this opportunity more. The people she will serve will be in for something special. She will learn a ton while she creates something that must be duplicated if there is any hope for this world. That’s the power of leading from love. You go, Girl!!!

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