Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 22 - XLR8 The Passionate Leader

We will be at Leadership Week this week, where Elaine and I will be living in Joy (G + L + F). It is truly what we are meant to do right now ~ we love doing it and it is great fun! It will be especially joyful since our son Andrew will be a participant. For those of you who have attended Leadership Week, you undoubtedly remember starting right out with the lifeline exercise. Enjoy the Simple Truths DVD The Race - Life Greatest Lesson, which we now use as the introduction to the exercise.

  • Zig Ziglar’s Inspiration: 365 Days A Year
    • My favorite quote for the week of June 1st – 7th: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Joe Sabah
      • Lesson #4 from Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules – The Lost Writings (If you would like the Audio-tech summary PDF file – e-mail me). You can follow a simple process to build self-confidence. There are seven statements you need to memorize, write out and repeat to yourself twice a day. Since we all could use a self-confidence booster from time to time, I will feature one a week for the next seven weeks.
        1. “I know I have the ability to accomplish all that I attempt. I know that to succeed, I have only to establish this belief in myself and follow it with vigorous, aggressive action. I will establish this belief.”

  • The Best Year of Your Life: Get Debbie Ford's Kit
    • Week Twenty-One Assignment – Be Generous
      • Did you appreciate your own generosity?
    • Week Twenty-Two Assignment – Make Powerful Requests
      • Our ability to manifest the things we desire is in direct proportion to how powerfully and clearly we can state our requests. In keeping with Napoleon Hill’s wisdom above – what would you have to attempt to bring you more self-confidence? If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

  • Creating a Culture of Leadership Development – A Drop for Your Bucket!!! Send an electronic drop or comment by going to the blog (click on this blog’s heading – Wake Up the Passionate Leader above), then click on the “comment” icon at the end of this week’s posting.
    • I received an e-mail from one of the people I have had the privilege to work with for 6 – 7 years. I am so proud of how he has evolved as a leader. The best part is that he is sending me the stuff I love to get, and I want to pass it along to you. Dali Lama 2009 Mantra As he said to me – find a quiet spot and enjoy.

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